Solar Energy is the New Factor

Solar Energy is the conversion of sunlight into power and using it to generate power and electricity. The solar energy is one of the most useful and beneficial things that converts the sun rays and heat into something useful and the humans can simply utilize the heat and the power. It is also a natural way to generate the electricity and it is now becoming one of the best ways to use the suns heat for something useful and it can be used in many ways. The dilemma we are currently encountering in the 21st century is the depletion of natural resources such as fossil fuels. This issue warrants the subsequent need to find alternative energy sources to replace them. Over the past few years we have seen a great deal of investment in companies dealing with the development of renewable energy.


The sun radiates enough heat to provide all living things on the earth warmth. Without the sun, the earth itself would be unable to sustain life and freeze over a period of time. The best thing with solar energy is that if harvested in the right way and if more research and development was put into harnessing solar energy, it has the potential to be an alternative over any other sources of energy. Solar energy (energy from sunlight) works by capturing rays transmitted by the sun into solar panels that then is converted into electricity. Solar panels can be made by two types of silicon. They are called amorphous and crystalline. The silicon cells, along with the wiring and protection materials, are compressed into the glass case that attracts the solar rays and direct it into the electrical grid.

The fact that solar energy is renewable is a plus unlike most other forms of energy production like fossil fuels which takes millions of years to form. That means once fossil fuels have been depleted, replenishing them would take millions of years which is why it is important that an alternative be sought. Again, the mining of this fuels leave a void. Of course an effect like global warming cannot be ignored as well as the destruction of the ozone layer which is near impossible to reverse.

Lets we discuss about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy:

Advantages of Solar Energy

  • The energy is free of cost – The solar energy is available completely free of cost. Though to convert the energy into useful product there are some technological devices needed that costs a little but it comparatively cheaper than the energy power we use.
  • It can be used in both rural and remote areas- This is one of the biggest advantages of solar energy. It can be used in both Rural and Remote areas. The grids can be easily displayed in these areas and it can generate a lot of energy.
  • It can be used in charging batteries- One of the biggest advantages of solar energy is that it can be used for charging batteries. The charging of batteries otherwise consumes a lot of energy but the solar energy reduces the energy consumption.
  • It can be renewed– Solar energy is a renewable source and it can never get out of stock.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

  • Produces energy only in sunlight- One of the drawbacks of Solar Energy is that it can produce energy only during the daytime and when there is a lot of sunlight available.
  • Production cost is expensive- The setting up of the panels and other devices are very expensive.
  • Requires large land- to set up- To set up the panels and grids for the solar energy panels, huge acres of land are needed and sometimes it can become a hindrance.

In simple words, Solar Energy has a wide scope in 21st century and the scope of renewable energy develop a boom in the energy field. We Sunrise Solar Enterprises delicately work in renewable energy field and provides best, effective services for your solar needs.

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